Pink Jambu (2017-2018)

Weaving or tenun is a time-consuming process that requires close attention to detail. For this project, our aim was to innovate tenun by implementing new techniques onto the existing traditional 2-shaft floor looms.

My role was to translate sketches and primary research into a language that our master weavers would understand. I had to ensure that the vision of the designer was brought to life faithfully by the artisans.

Despite the monsoon floods, they were still able to deliver the work on time. We owe the success of this project to the combined efforts of Tengku Marina, the weavers at Cheminahsayang and I.

Together, we created twelve exquisite shawls, each striking a unique balance between tradition and innovation.

Weave designs translated from Tengku Marina’s sketches.

We invited our weavers to participate in Fashion Revolution Week, 2018 to remind people where their clothes came from and who are the faces and hands behind each garment and shawl produced in this collection.

Images courtesy of Fayla Sufiyah.

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